Softwear Engineering Laboratory

ソフトウェア工学研究室では,ソフトウェアを取り巻く課題に,理論と実践の両面から取り組んでいます.ソフトウェアの開発・利用形態が多 様化する今日,既存の理論・手法に学生の好奇心や柔軟な思考をうまく組み合わせていくことで,これまでにないブレークスルーが実現すると考えてい ます.


  • Software Data Mining / Analytics

    We focus on software quality analysis and cost estimation. Moreover, we also focus on big data processing and visualization, natural language processing in software development and data-driven software development.
  • Open Source Software Engineering

    Open Source Software EngineeringWe are interested in Communication Analysis in Software Development, Software Ecosystem Analysis and User Support, Software Repository Mining and Integration, and Global and Collaborative Software Development Support.
  • Human Factors / Interaction

    We focus on measuring human brain activities to assess the program understanding process. We successfully publish “TaskPit”, a software development task measurement system.
  • Software Ecosystem

    We focus on Software Obfuscation, Software watermarking and birthmarking, and Software tamper-proofing.