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In short, Software engineering laboratory (SELab) was found in 1995,
and has since become an active laboratory in which our research activities
cover many main areas of software engineering. SELab’s recent objective is
to support software development processes by applying knowledge embodied
in software engineering through research activities. More recently, we are
looking forward and pleased to see more international collaboration, where
we are currently working and encouraging more student exchange programs
with many leading universities across the world.

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Software Engineering Laboratory

Postal Mail Address

〒 630 – 0192
Nara Institute of Science and Technology,
Graduate School of Information Science,
Software Engineering Laboratory,
8916-5, Takayama-cho, Ikoma-shi, Nara, Japan

Tel:+81 743-72-5318, 5312
Fax:+81 743-72-5319

E-Mail Address

Professor Kenichi Matsumoto
matumoto [at]