Softwear Engineering Laboratory


    • sample150
      中才 恵太朗
      Keitaro Nakasai

      (An Analysis of the Impact of Donation Badges on Response Time in Eclipse Bug Tracking System)





      1. Keitaro Nakasai, Hideaki Hata, Saya Onoue, and Kenichi Matsumoto, “Analysis of Donations in the Eclipse Project,” In Proc. of 8th IEEE International Workshop on Empirical Software Engineering in Practice (IWESEP 2017), pages 18-22 March 2017.
      2. 中才恵太朗, 畑秀明, 角田雅照, 松本健一, “OSSに寄付をすべきか?統計的因果推論による寄付バッジの効果分析,” ソフトウェアエンジニアリングシンポジウム2017 (SES2017), pages 278-279 2017年8月.
      3. 中才恵太朗, 尾上紗野, 畑秀明, 松本健一, “オープンソースソフトウェアにおける寄付の分析,” 研究報告ソフトウェア工学(SE), volume 2016-SE-194, number 5, pages 1-6 2016年11月.
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      Shade Ruangwan

      (Developer Participation in Open Source Software)

      To create and deliver high quality software products, software development processes require a strong collaboration among software developers. However, a collaboration is challenging, especially for geographically distributed teams in Open Source Software (OSS) projects. We study interesting phenomenon that occur during the development processes such as when code reviewers in OSS projects do not respond to a review invitation or when developers leave the OSS projects. We quantify the impact of such phenomenon and unveil factors that are associated with them. We then provide developers practical suggestions to improve OSS development processes.

    • sample150
      Saya Onoue

      (Software Population Pyramids: SPP)







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